Restaurant Reviews – Yoshimi Soba

Yoshimi Soba Entrance

Type of food:

Soba ( Buckwheat Noodles ), Udon Noodles, Donburi Rice Dishes etc

The Plug:

You could be mistaking for thinking you have just walked into a Sumo training restaurant.

The owner Yamazaki san is one of the biggest Japanese guys in the village. A true gentle giant and a great chef.

The family run business has some great Japanese cuisine, with rice dishes and the healthy Soba “ Buckwheat Noodles” and lots more.

The place is beautiful inside and lots of interesting eats. There is an onsen right next door too so make it a double.

  • House Specialty: Soba Noodles, Nameko Tofu (Tofu and Mushrooms), Fried Wasps
  • Nearby: Right next to Biliken and down from Ogama so if one is closed good chance the other is open
  • Day Off:
  • Average Price of a meal:

Map Reference: E3