Town Map

nozawa town map (2016 Season) LR-1NEW: Download a print-ready PDF map of Nozawa Onsen.

Restaurant Reviews

#1- Biliken

Type of food: Blend of East meets West with both Japanese and Other
House Specialty;
Tako ( Octypus )Salad, Buta Kimchi ( Pork and Kimchi Stir Fry), Raw Horse Meat
Right next to Yoshimi Soba and down from Ogama

The Plug; A quirky little place; looks like an old English Tea House from outside. Inside and the décor match the menu of East meets west.  The food is excellent and good value. Husband and wife team, husband rules the Kitchen and wife serves the hordes. Usually fairly quiet as tucked out of the way

#2 – Yoshimi Soba

Type of food; Soba ( Buckwheat Noodles ), Udon Noodles, Donburi Rice Dishes etc
House Specialty; Soba Noodles, Nameko Tofu (Tofu and Mushrooms), Fried Wasps
Nearby ; Right next to Biliken and down from Ogama so if one is closed good chance the other is open

The Plug; You could be mistaking for thinking you have just walked into a Sumo training restaurant. The owner Yamazaki san is one of the biggest Japanese guys in the village. A true gentle giant and a great chef. The family run business has some great Japanese cuisine, with rice dishes and the healthy Soba “ Buckwheat Noodles” and lots more. The place is beautiful inside and lots of interesting eats. There is an onsen right next door too so make it a double.