Restaurant Reviews – Daimon Soba

Type of food:

Soba Buck Wheat Noodles

The Plug:

The family at Daimon is 3rd Generation Soba Makers, and it is a real art.

Daimon owners

Daimon owners

It is a family business with Husband and wife and all the kids working together. Great value and healthy sumptuous meals.

Lots of local specialties to stimulate your interest.

Keiko san the owner is also a master at the Japanese Art of Shuji – writing Japanese Characters.

She can write your name in Kanji and have it printed on a T-shirt to take home as long as you have a few days. Great memory of your trip to Nozawa.

Her son is a Champion Ski Jumper you can see his big jump skis in the back.

  • House Specialty: Soba Noodles my favourite Nameko Soba with Mushrooms
  • Nearby: Just off the main street Oyu Dori and easy to find directly opposite the Liquor Shop in the centre of town
  • Day Off: One of the few places that almost never closes
  • Average Price of a meal: 800 Yen

Map Reference: E5