Restaurant Reviews – Wanryu Ramen

Type of food:

Ramen Chinese Noodles and Gyoza Dumplings

The Plug:

Ramen is traditionally a Chinese style noodle which the Japanese have adopted as their own and perfected.

Wanryu Ramen Mizui San

Wanryu Ramen Mizui San

It is usually noodles with vegetables and meat served with a hot soup with a base flavour of Salt, Miso or Soya Sauce.

The restaurant is warm with lively red colors and a relaxed feel.

Prices are really cheap for a hearty meal.

Ramen is perfect after a hard days skiing and then an Onsen. Make sure you try the Gyoza.  Best enjoyed with a cold beer!!

Misui san the chef always had a smile.

  • House Specialty: Miso Ramen and a serve of Gyoza is hard to beat
  • Nearby: Opposite the main bottle shop in town then down the road past the Pharmacy on your left there are 3 Restaurants in row all are great
  • Day Off:
  • Average Price of a meal: 750 Yen

Map Reference: E5