Bar Reviews – Stay Bar

Type of Bar:

Bourbon Bar Cool Vibe and smooth tunes

The Plug:

There are quite a number of cool bars in Nozawa now but this is one of the originals and still the best!!

Owned by Kiku and Yumiko two of the nicest people you will ever meet. They used to live in Canada and when you walk inside you will think they brought half of Canada home with them.

Kiku is a muso and a big fan of Jackson Brown so the place prides itself on groovy music and a great range of drinks.

You can also get food here,, usually a good place for a Western Fix or late night desert!!

There is a full band set up in the corner so feel free to belt out a tune if your heart desires.

Otherwise if you are lucky Kiku will do you a version of Eric Claptons “ Wonderful Tonight”.

Great atmosphere and you will find you just want to stay a little bit longer…..

  • House Specialty: Beers and Bourbons from all over the world
  • Nearby: On the main street as you come in town just on your left next to the Foot Bar and down stairs
  • Day Off:
  • Average Price of a Drink: 500 Yen

Stay Bar

Stay Bar

Map Reference: E5