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Ittadakimasu – Nozawa Onsen a resort for your taste buds too

Many people come to Nozawa for the amazing skiing, but this traditional hot spring town has so much more to offer.

The food has to be one of them there are over 30 places to eat in town and 20 on the mountain so lots of great choices. One common myth is that Japan is an expensive place and also ski resorts cost a lot to eat out. Nozawa Onsen busts that myth, as the restaurants all cater for the locals all year round prices are very reasonable. You can get a good meal at most for less than 1000 Yen

We’ve put together some info on the great and very reasonably priced restaurants here in Nozawa Onsen.

Each review comes with a Map reference (and a link to the map). Enjoy!



A quirky little place; looks like an old English Tea House from outside.

Inside and the d├ęcor match the menu of …click here for full review.

Yoshimi Soba

You could be mistaking for thinking you have just walked into a Sumo training restaurant.

Yoshimi Soba Kazu San

Yoshimi Soba Kazu San

The owner Yamazaki san is one of the biggest Japanese guys in the village. A true gentle …click here for full review.


Probably one of the best value places in the village if you want something that is really going to fill you up after going hard all day on the slopes then look no further.

The owner is a super nice guy and …click here for full review.


Similar fare to Akibitei with the Japanese Pancakes, great vibe with mainly Japanese style Tatami Seating and a Counter.

Koji san the owner also speaks great English …click here for full review.

Kaze No Ie

A very popular one with people looking for a bit of a Western style fix.

Daimon Entrance

Daimon Entrance

Kono san (the owner) spent some time in Italy and puts a lot of love into click …here for full review.

Daimon Soba

The family at Daimon is 3rd Generation Soba Makers, and it is a real art.

It is a family business with Husband and wife and all the kids working together. Great value and healthy …click here for full review.

Wanryu Ramen

Ramen is traditionally a Chinese style noodle which the Japanese have adopted as their own and perfected.

It is usually noodles with vegetables and meat served with a hot soup with a …click here for full review.


This is often a great place to start when you first get to town.

It is a large place with a good English menu and great selection …click here for full review.


Great place with a group of friends, and a very social way to dine.

You have you a little hotplate in the centre of the table and can order a few different meats and vegetables to cook up …click here for full review.

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Enjoy authentic Japanese food

Enjoy authentic Japanese food