Thank you for helping us visit Nagano. We had a great time. I would like to complement you on your staff. Both of them were professional, knowledgeable and went out of their way to insure our group had a nice ski holiday.

I will make sure to visit your location again because of the wonderful service and beautiful location.




Just a quick email from Narita airport before I head back to the US. I’ve been lucky (spoiled) enough to travel to and ski in many places.

Lodge Nagano in Nozawa Onsen is among one of the best times I have had.

You have found a wonderful welcoming and competent host in Luke. The lodge provides a great base and seems to attract a great crowd. I hope to be back.

Tim Gallagher


Thanks for that, I had a fun weekend up there. You have a great place and its good to have such a foreigner friendly place up in Nozawa at last. Will certainly be trying to get back up there before the season finishes.

All the best,


Hey Mark,

Thanks for all your help. The trip was a great one and went according to plan. Nozawa Onsen is a pretty special place.

Even though the season was not up to Nozawa’s standards it was still much better than anything I have skiied in Australia.

Once again thanks for all your help.



To whom it may concern

I am just passing on a special thank you to Luke and Kim in Lodge Nagano for their exceptional hospitality during my stay there recently. We had a ball from the moment we arrived thanks to them (and the great snow too!)

Best Wishes and Regards



Thanks again for the trip, we had an amazing time and had some awesome snow with great blue skies after snow.

Also hats off to Luke, Kim and Kaito san, they were an amazing help and created a fun and relaxed atmosphere for the week.
They are great hosts, taking us out to restaurants or referring their favorites, helping us with transfers and any other request we had.
They are a great team and an asset to the lodge.

I have talked to Sarah & Mick and told them they have to get up there.
Thanks again all the best and see you soon.


Frazer East

Hey there,
We spent just under two weeks skiing in Japan 2 – 14 Feb – Shigakogen & Nozawa and even tho’ the snow depth was less than anyone had seen before (some on the trip were on their 7th trip to japan in 7 years) – ie we hadn’t seen bamboo sticking through the snow before!

We still got a few cracker powder days.

There were 14 of us on the trip and many have skied the northern hemishpere most winters and have never had regular powder in North America or Europe as consistent as Japan.

Here’s a link to some video we got at Nozawa Onsen: Click here for the footage

This season in Japan is still better than a good season in Australia!

Japanese powder mmmm…