Winter makes a comeback in Nozawa

by Mark on March 3, 2011

March 3rd 2011 Villa Nozawa | The After Shot

New Snow; 50cm

Base at top; 330cm

Winter is back with vengeance we had around a half meter of fresh snow falling overnight.
Just when we thought it was safe to hang up the shovels!
We have received more than the Magic foot and the base has smashed back thru the 300cm mark to a beautiful 330cm up top.
It was snowing all day both up top and below yesterday but only got cold enough to start settling in the Village from about 4pm. It quickly started to pile up though and within a few hours we had 20cm on the front door.

This morning we had to dig our way thru about 40cm to get out. Will be even more up top with the feeling of January conditions quickly returning.

Anyone heading off the beaten track should be careful today with all this fresh snow on a hard base there is a chance of slides in some areas.

The forecast is for snow to continue to fall until Saturday when we should get a clear weekend then back into consistent snow falling all week next week. So any one who has put their faith in the magic of March looks like they will be rewarded.

Just to give yo an idea of how much snow we have had overnight here is the same view of Villa Nozawa Yesterday!

Villa Nozawa March 2 2011 | Pre Dump

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