Windblown Features

by Mark on January 8, 2015

Enjoy Nozawa

Enjoy Nozawa

Base up top: 340 cm    Temp Top; -8 Degrees

Base at bottom; 215 cm

New Snow since close: 20-40 cm

Weather; Snow


Looks like we have received some significant snowfalls overnight, more than expected. Around 40cm has fallen at the top of the gondola and 20cm at Yamabiko, indicating windblown conditions. There is sure to be some outstanding riding on offer today with knee to waist deep stashes of powder. Time to get out there and enjoy!

Yesterday saw light to moderate isolated snowfalls continue all day with the occasional patch of blue sky. The snow was not quite deep enough to make the effects of rain the day before unnoticed with an icy base layer with many death cookies quite prominent. Still, Yamabiko offered more than a few nice turns.

Snowfalls are set to continue on and off up until Tuesday when the skies should clear. Until that point the most solid dumps are expected on Sunday night, Saturday and today. Cold temps will remain throughout.

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