Waste no time this morning!

by Mark on February 22, 2017

A vast meadow of fresh lays await for Lada's slash

A vast meadow of fresh lays await for Lada’s slash

Base at top: 380 cm
Temp at Top: -11 Degree
Base at Uenotaira station: 290 cm
New snow since close: 5 cm
Weather: Clear

Epic conditions across the mountain today. Light winds, mostly clear, deep snow that is almost entirely untracked and cold temperatures. Get it while it lasts. Top picks are the entire mountain, can’t go wrong today. As per usual don’t do anything stupid/beyond your abilities/without knowing where your going. Off piste is still sketchy but the designated tree areas are offering more than anyone could want at the moment.

Yesterday we saw strong winds tease us with upper mountain and Nagasaka gondola wind holds on and off through the day. All things were go first thing, but after about an hour of operation these lifts were shut down and remained offline until mid afternoon. However with deep wind compacted powder blanketing the resort this wasn’t really an issue and most found limitless fun on the lower half of the mountain. The snowfalls continued through the day bringing the 24hour total too 3pm upwards of 60cm. Thats a nice sized dump and one of the largest for February this season.

Casting my eyes into fascinating field of weather forecasting I can see some foul rainfall for tomorrow. Gross! But looking further ahead and things are much more promising. Friday it’ll snow, hopefully around 10-20cm, maybe slightly more or less. For the weekend, mostly fine weather. But looking into next week and I can see a spiralling low making multiple loops from the NW over central Honshu. If this comes off we will see some substantial falls and a great start to March. Check back for updates, the predictions will become firmer as time rolls on.

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