Warm days are soon to be gone in Nozawa

by Mark on February 14, 2016

Base at top: 140 cm

Temp at Top: 4 Degrees

Base at Uenotaira: 90 cm

New Snow since close: 0 cm

Weather: Rain, warmer temperatures will be dropping tonight.


The past few days have been pretty warm in Nozawa Onsen. We’ve had the pleasure of being able to sit outside and soak up the sun, to ride in t-shirts, and to not worry about being cold when sitting on the chairs. With this comes a payoff though. The clouds are currently letting down rain over us and this will likely continue until the afternoon.

Temperatures are set to suddenly drop tonight and the raindrops will turn to snowflakes. By tomorrow morning, The mercury should be reading a chilly -12° Celsius with heavy snow falling. Prevailing North Westerly winds will be fairly strong in the morning, easing later in the day as the snowfall eases too. We should be seeing some more heavy snow by Wednesday which should bring back Nozawa’s magic on the mountain. There is still plenty of magic to be found around the village on a day like today. This could be a great chance to explore what the town has to offer. Why not try some new food, take a wander through the shrines, or go try out the onsens!

A few other suggestions around Nozawa

  • Grab a toboggan and do a restaurant crawl over the resort. Always fun but take it easy on the grape and grain-
  • Cross country ski or snowshoe. Nice to see the mountains at a different speed!
  • Relax take a walk and enjoy one of the 30 restaurants, bars and cafes that Nozawa Onsen has to offer

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 7.41.47 am


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