Time to pull out the Fat ski and Powder boards in Nozawa

by Mark on December 23, 2011

With a big dump expected over the weekend thought was time for some new Fat Skis for the Rental Shop

Base up top: 150 cm                  Temperature; -8 Degrees

Base at bottom; 80 cm

New Snow: 20 cm

Good news in Nozawa this morning the whole resort is pretty much open for business. Karasawa and the Snow Park included. Kandaha Race course is about the only run not operating yet but they are keen to get that going soon too.

After a short break on the snow front yesterday morning the assault started again late yesterday and has been falling most of the night. Snowing pretty heavy outside now and reports are showing 20cm up top. There is about the same now in the Village.

Yesterday was a bit icy in the morning and people were already asking for fresh snow and it has been delivered but it is just a prelude to the kiss with the big dump still due tomorrow. It is looking like a big long weekend in Nozawa to celebrate the Emperors Birthday. The snow will be big too so better pack the powder boards.

If shopping for some Fat Skis in Nozawa go and see the Ueno boys at Compass House

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