The Sound of Silence in Nozawa

by Mark on January 2, 2012

Sunset over the Challenge run in Nozwa Onsen

Base up top: 225 cm                  Temperature; -4 Degrees

Base at bottom; 150 cm

New Snow: 15 cm

Woke up to the sound of silence this morning, always find that the sound of snow falling makes the whole scene very quiet.

The beat is getting louder in Nozawa now though with the snow absolutely dumping for about the last hour. The heavy snow we were expecting last night looks like it has been delayed a little, it began about 7am this morning and looks like we should get a good 30cm out of it thru the day.

Then the outlook is for a blue bird day tomorrow followed by more snow again on Wednesday so we are in a good pattern at the moment.

Yesterday on the slopes was awesome, there were a few people early but by about 11am there was no line up to get on to the main Nagasaka Gondola. Some of the higher lifts had a bit of a queue but only a few minutes wait. The sun was out and the snow quality was excellent.

Will be pretty busy today and tomorrow then should be back to a quiet times after that. Went for a great ski with young Troy Perey yesterday in his chair ski, what a champion. Took on the slopes with a smile and a laugh,very inspirational stuff

Cruising down Paradise in Nozawa Onsen


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