The calm before the storm in Nozawa

by Mark on January 24, 2016

Base at top: 140 cm
Temp at Top; -13 Degrees
Base at Uenotaira 115 cm
New Snow since close: 10 cm
Weather; Cloudy, heaving snow beginning soon


The morning fog cleared as the lifts started turning yesterday, and the blue skies stuck around for a large part of the day. The snow conditions on piste were great with the snowpack staying soft and fast. The halfpipe was opened yesterday, which quickly became popular. We also turned on the lights on the Nagasaka slope for our first night skiing session, which was great fun and not busy at all. This should be taking place each Saturday.

Now, onto today’s exciting forecast! We’ve already received 10cm overnight up top and we’re expecting more heavy snow to begin falling soon and to continue throughout the day. We’re looking at a dump of just over 30 centimetres across the day so there’ll be a nice lot of powder accumulating! Temperatures are low today, hovering at around -15° Celsius, This could be the coldest day of the season so far. Moderate winds will bring the windchill down to -27° Celsius so layer up!
Courses planned to be open:

– Yamabiko A course
– Yamabiko B course
– Yamabiko C course
– Yamabiko D course
– Yamabiko E course
– Paradise
– Kokenashi
– Uenotaira
– Bunabayashi
– Yunomine A
– Yunomine B
– Rinkan
– Mukairin Contact
– Karasawa Contact
– Nagasaka Contact
– Kaminotaira
– Kitsun
– Antelope
– Raccoon
– Fox course
– Isemiya
– mizunashi A
– mizunashi B
– Schneider
– Utopia
– Utopia 2
– Challenge
– Ushikubi
– Nagasaka slope
– Karasawa
– Mukairin
– skyline


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