The big day in Nozawa.

by Mark on February 29, 2016

Base at top: 145cm

Temp at Top: -1 Degrees

Base at Uenotaira: 95cm

New Snow since close: 0 cm

Weather: cloudy, snow beginning to fall soon 


Today is looking like it could be a cracker of a day here. Heavy snow should start falling soon and continue accumulating quickly. Snow should begin falling at the top of the mountain first before making its way down to the village by the afternoon. Westerly winds will be increasing throughout the day, becoming strongest in the night. Snowfall will be heaviest in the night, with temperatures dropping to -14°C, up top and -6 in the village.

Snow should continue into tomorrow, becoming lighter by the morning. Temperatures will rise slowly through the week, becoming warmest over the weekend. There should be a few glimpses of sun here and there throughout the week, with mild winds for the most part.

Bring on this fresh snow!

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 8.52.55 am

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