Thanks everyone for another amazing season in Nozawa

by Mark on May 9, 2014

Sunset on the Glide

Can never grow tired of those sunsets over the snow covered peaks. Thanks to everyone for another great season in Nozawa 


And so the Sun sets on another terrific ski season in Nozawa Onsen. As one of my neighbours said to me in the Onsen one night the snow fell very skillfully!

We did not have so many of those monster 100cm overnight dumps this season but instead a constant stream of 30cm type falls, “ The Magic Foot”. Making for excellent conditions and more bluebird starts than I can remember for a while!

I had so many people this season say to me “ That was the best days skiing of my life!” Some very seasoned campaigners too, so always great to hear. Our photos throughout the season here would confirm I think you would agree.

A big Thank you to Shaun for all his amazing images that graced the reports, a true natural behind the lens. Also want to take this opportunity to thank all the awesome Nozawa Holidays Staff this season. A great mix of nationalities, ages and snow equipment! Think they had a lot of fun and know they made all our guests holidays enjoyable and memorable.

Thanks and otsukaresama to all the restaurant, shop and bar staff in the village too for as always, providing amazing service and food to all the guests and putting up with some very average Japanese skills!

Our biggest thanks goes to all of you the guests that visited Nozawa Onsen this season. It was a pleasure having you in our small town and we really hope you enjoyed your stay and we will see you back again soon.

A special thanks to all of the repeat guests too. Some of them have been up to stay with us for as much as 9 times now and many multiple times and they just keep coming back! We genuinely appreciate the business and even more so the great friendship.

Of course Nozawa is still a great place to visit during the “Green Season” with hiking, mountain biking, onsens and great food. Farming is in full swing so plenty of fresh produce. Our lodges and houses are open so if keen to see Nozawa in a different light please drop us an email.

Otherwise we look forward to welcoming you back next winter. Busy times are filling fast as always so we look forward to hearing from you.

Until then stay safe and arigatou gozaimashita from everyone in Nozawa.

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