Strong Overnight Dump in Nozawa

by Mark on December 24, 2016


Found these very old photos yesterday in a Japanese Lodge. Pretty cool relics from the past. They are taken of the Hikage area.











Base at top: 90 cm

Temp at Top: -5 Degree

Base at Uenotaira station: 50 cm

New snow since close: 25 cm

Weather: Snow

Wohoo its here we are on again! We have received a good overnight dump in Nozawa of 25cm up top and a solid coating in the village of about 10-15cm, bringing the Christmas coat back to Nozawa Onsen. After the devastation of snow loss over the past two days the stoke has returned to town once more! At -5c the cold temperatures may come as a shock to some up top. Make sure to rug up in many layers for todays riding adventures.

Todays riding will be best up high where there is still a solid base on piste. The snow will be deep fresh powder and thanks to the cold temperatures will be of excellent quality. Look towards Yamabiko for the advanced riders and Paradise for the learners. Remember to smile today as you may receive a gift from Santa. Santa will be skiing in Nozawa Onsen today and the first 100 happy punters to spot him will receive a gift!

Yesterday was fun up high but very poor down low. It was snowing for much of the day upwards of mid mountain. 5cm collected at the gondola top station making for small pockets of fresh snow towards the edges of the groomed runs. The base was icy underneath, but not as rock hard as one might expect. Lower down the snow became sticky and slow. It was difficult but not impossible to ski to the resort thanks to the warm temperature depleting the snow base.

Quite frankly, the forecast is looking outstanding with solid precipitation upgrades and a strong winter pattern from the 27th. 30-40cm+ is my call for Tuesday night and light to moderate snow will continue for the rest of the week. Today snow showers will ease and tomorrow is expected to be a clear but very white Christmas.

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