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by Mark on December 26, 2018

Snow Forecast for as far as the Eye can see in Nozawa!

Check out those numbers, starting form tonight looks like we are in for a good old fashion “Snow Down” with Mother Nature and have a feeling she is going to win!

The North Westerly Winds from Siberia look set to prevail with temps plummeting and bringing with it bucket loads of snow. Tomorrow night looking like a major feature film where we could see up to half a meter fall across the Resort.

Forecasting a serious Snow Storm to continue from Friday with cold days and strong winds that will drop even more of the snowy goodness on us. Hang on to your powder planks this could be epic!

If still looking to come up and take advantage of all this snow sometime this season jump on the site and drop us a mail;

Better pack the snorkel!

Check out the pretty amazing season we have had so far here in Nozawa. Even when the snow is not as heavy as some years it is still not too bad !

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