Spring Conditions Prevail

by Mark on March 6, 2015

Dawn view in the alpine zone.

Dawn view in the alpine zone.

Base up top: 410 cm    Temp Top; -7 Degrees

Base at bottom; 230 cm

New Snow since close: 0 cm

Weather; Clear


With the amount of cold sunny mornings we have had so far this month there is a definite spring vibe in the air. Expect conditions today to be firm and fast earlier, softening with the incidence of solar radiation. Off piste areas may have the occasional patches of spring corn beginning to form, that will be very fun to ride. But today the best bet will be riding the groomers that will be perfect for some carving action.

The snowfalls that were predicted over the last 36 hours amounted to nothing more than a few passing flurries, maybe the next system will deliver on the snowfall front. Conditions yesterday were very icy and very good edging technique was required.  The lower slopes softening nicely later in the day providing more forgiving conditions.

Over the next couple of days we should have mostly fine weather, light winds with occasional passing clouds. Typical spring conditions will prevail until Monday when a strong cold front will make its presence known across the region. At this stage snowfalls are forecast for most of next week, although as it has done very much lately, the forecast will likely change as the dates approach.

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