Somebody stop the music…

by Mark on January 28, 2012

Walls of snow in Nozawa Onsen. With a 200cm falling in 2 days it is challenging times for the locals

Base up top: 405 cm                  Temperature; -7 Degrees

Base at bottom; 310 cm

New Snow: 50 cm since close of lifts last night

Think it is time for the snow dance to take a break or the unbelievable will soon become the unlivable!

Has been snowing heavily again overnight in Nozawa Onsen and since the lifts closed yesterday we have had another 50cm. That makes it about 200cm in just 2 days I think, but starting to lose count! Hard to believe and even harder to shovel!

The base up top is now over 4 meters so we are in record territory. I am still not sure it is a great thing for skiers and boarders or not but for us that own houses here it is a big challenge to clear the roads and prevent windows and roofs from getting snowed under.

On the slopes there are still a few big grins coming down for those in the know on where to go to handle all this snow. A few of the guys were looping 39 degrees yesterday and had some stories and footage of neck deep powder runs. But be careful as if get stuck in the deep stuff it is a lot of hard work to dig yourself out so best to stay on piste for now.

The groomers also are flowing better today with the team from the resort getting in and doing some serious grooming thru until the early hours of this morning. Lucky too as we have a fairly decent weekend crowd making the adventurous trip into town. More than I had expected, with all the news thought a few may be put off but seems everyone is interested to see how this much snow actually looks!

Anyone coming up please take care on the roads. Have seen a few accidents over the last few days. The trains and buses are running but have been experiencing some delays. Stay safe and feel free to jump on the end of a shovel and lend a hand!

A fish board or really fat skis best option at the moment in Nozawa Onsen. Even on the groomed runs! Skyline straightline!



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