Snowzawa is back in action! Heavy snow falling right down to the village

by Mark on March 24, 2016

Base at top: 135 cm

Temp at Top: -7 Degrees

Base at Uenotaira: 60cm

New Snow since close: 8 cm

Weather: Heavy snow falling right down to the village, cold temps and mild-moderate winds.


Light snow was falling in Nozawa yesterday and continued into the night. At some point in the night those light flakes became big fluffily flakes and began falling a lot more heavily. We’ve woken up to heavy snow and it feels like winter again. Temperatures will reach a low of -8°C today, with winds moving at up to 25km/h in the afternoon bringing the windchill down to -16°C. Visibility isn’t looking so clear up the top, but from  the top of the Nagasaka Gondola it’s looking clearer.

Snow is expected to fall for the remainder of the day; originally it was expected to be just light snow so we hope this heavier snow keeps up! Temperatures are set to drop down to -10°C up top overnight and rise just one degree tomorrow to -9°C for the day while snow is expected to keep on coming. The freezing level is a few hundred meters below the village so we should see snow continuing to accumulate right down to the village. Keep up your snow dances, it seems to be working!


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