Snowing all day in Nozawa Onsen

by Mark on February 27, 2012

Heading up the slopes to enjoy the fresh snow this morning- exciting as a 6 foot offshore day at the beach!

Base up top: 390 cm                  Temperature; – 9 Degrees

Base at bottom; 280 cm

New Snow: 22 cm                           Weather; Snowing

Has been snowing all day here in Nozawa and is heavy at the moment. A few very happy people have rolled down raving about knee-deep powder up top! Not bad when they predicted only 4cm!

Just a continuation from yesterday really although I did see a few stars come out late last night. Thought the blue bird may have come early but not a lot of blue out there today. Tomorrow though a bird may swoop in and should be an amazing day on the slopes with fresh snow and sunshine.

Biting cold up top today but enjoy it while you can as think we may be in for a warm spike again later in the week. The long range is showing some more snow from the weekend but will have to wait and see. Have the Lantern Festival on the Hikage slopes too next Saturday night form 19:00 for anyone coming up should be a fun time.

At the moment though the slopes are empty up top anyway and the powder is plentiful so enjoy.

Togari Nozawa Onsen Station Iiyama Line. Great place to come into always a little sad to leave!


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