Snow snow and more snow

by Mark on January 24, 2015

Stereotypical Japan.

Stereotypical Japan.

Base up top: 410 cm Temp Top; -8 Degrees
Base at bottom; 250 cm
New Snow since close: 20 cm
Weather; Mostly cloudy


Today is going to be epic. A clearing trend is well in effect, deep, deep powder and light winds. All the hallmarks are ticked. Hit up the tree skiing areas first up. Yamabiko and Challenge will both be good, once these areas are tracked the hot tip is to explore and enjoy!

Yesterday was so much better than expected. With all the rain that we had the previous 24 hours no one was really expecting much other than dust on crust conditions. Luckily we were all proved wrong. There was deep, dry windblown powder across most of the resort, especially in the gullies which became deeper during the day as heavy snowfalls persisted. A nice surprise.

Make the most of conditions today as we head into a bit of a warm spell over the next three days or so. Tuesday will mark an end to the adverse weather and snow with cold temperatures will return. In fact the second half of the week onwards is shaping up to be a run of very good snowfalls and cold temperatures.

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