Snow is falling, temperatures are mild, winds are blowing

by Mark on January 18, 2016

Base at top:  100 cm

Temp at Top; -2 Degrees

Base at Uenotaira  95 cm

New Snow since close: 5 cm       

Weather; snowing quite heavily


Yesterday was a beautiful day on the slopes. With some light snow cover from the night before, the pistes were smooth and fast. The skies were cloudy but visibility was great almost the whole day. 16 of our lifts were open and we’re hoping to open the last couple after some heavy snow which should be falling soon.

Temperatures are higher than recently, with the maximum for today sitting just above zero. Don’t mistake these warm temperatures for a lack of snow; There’ll be a nice top up of a bit over 10cm coming down today followed by similar light snow on Tuesday, and then a nice heavy dump on Wednesday. We’ve all got our fingers crossed that the forecast doesn’t let us down; this could be the one! Gale winds are blowing across Nozawa. Winds will be particularly strong up the top of the mountain, so face and neck warmers seem to be the dress code today!

Courses planned to be open:

– Yamabiko A course

– Yamabiko B course

– Yamabiko C course

– Yamabiko D course

– Yamabiko E course

– Paradise

– Kokenashi

– Uenotaira

– Bunabayashi

– Yunomine A

– Yunomine B

– Rinkan

– Mukairin Contact

– Karasawa Contact

– Nagasaka Contact
– Kaminotaira

– Kitsun

– Fox course

– Isemiya

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