Slushy Conditions Prevail

by Mark on February 26, 2015

The beach not far from Nozawa. Mid season surf trip.

The beach not far from Nozawa. Mid season surf trip.

Base up top: 415 cm    Temp Top; -1 Degrees

Base at bottom; 240 cm

New Snow since close: 0 cm

Weather; Overcast


Its an overcast mild morning in the township of Nozawa Onsen. This is a good thing. Today we should not expect the sheet ice layers that have taken over the upper mountain over the past few days but instead some nice soft slushy snow. The surface should remain relatively fast so long as the liquid precipitation stays away and humidity remains low, possible given the good visibility on the upper mountain.

The Japan Uni Games are in progress in Nozawa Onsen this week and will continue over the weekend. Quite a spectacle is the huge ski jump near the Nagasaka slopes has been cleared and competitions have been held there the past few mornings. Spectating is free and highly recommended as its quite amazing to watch people fly 90m through the air. Also downhill events are taking place on Kandahar, worth a look too.

According to the forecast we should have some moderate snowfalls overnight and tomorrow with the freezing level decreasing to sea level. Snowfalls will become isolated into Saturday with the possibility for some sun on the first day of the weekend. The freezing level is then briefly expected to rise come Sunday.

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