Sliding nicely into the New Year in Nozawa Onsen

by Mark on December 31, 2011

Beautiful last day of the Year in Nozawa Onsen with 250cm base life is good

Base up top: 250 cm                  Temperature; -6 Degrees

Base at bottom; 175 cm

New Snow: 25 cm

Already the last day of the year and it has been a terrific season so far. The JMA had been predicting below average snowfalls for December but Mother Nature has proved them wrong this year.  We already have a 250cm base up top and had another 25cm’s of new snowfall overnight.

This time last year we had just 110cm base up top so more than double! As we slide into the New Year hopefully this will set us up for a great season ahead in Nozawa and some great snow all the way thru til the end, which is early May, so still over 4 fun months to go.

It has been snowing on and off since yesterday with a few heavy falls last night, which was probably most of the 25cm of fresh snow. This morning has seen some rays of sunshine mixed with light snow, which should make for great conditions on the slopes today.

Is looking pretty busy up there as expected with nice long lines to get on to the Gondola this morning which is encouraging to see. Probably not as busy as this time last year but still a good vibe around town. Will be a busy night up at the Shrine tonight too with people walking up to pray for a good year ahead it is always a special night for Nozawa. Then afterwards the Soba shops are pretty popular with everyone eating the long noodles for a long life. Life is good in Nozawa Onsen.

Daimon Soba Restaurant will be popular tonight for the New Year

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