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by Mark on March 11, 2011

Getting Loose under the Uenotaira Quad Nozawa- Self Portrait Matt Drew

This photo above was taken earlier in the season by a young lad by the name of Matt. He had a camera mounted on the end of a Fishing Pole and got some amazing shots around Nozawa in and out of the powder. Will try and post a few more soon. Thanks for the shots Matt and Zoe.

New Snow; 5cm

Base; 335cm

Was snowing nicely last night when went to bed but must not have lasted long as was only a dusting this morning.
About 5cm up top so should still be nice conditions on the slopes.

Yesterday was an awesome day on the slopes with lots of fresh snow, sunshine and no crowds. Was as good as any day this season especially in the morning. The sun started to heat up some of the south facing slopes down low as the day got on but was still nice and cold up top. With the occasional ice cream head ache being felt flying down through the trees at Yamabiko.

The forecast is for heavy snow to start falling from this afternoon and outside it has that feeling. Then sunshine coming thru for what should be a great weekend ahead in Nozawa Onsen.

On top of the downhill race and rail contest there is also a classic music concert on at Arena on Saturday night should be quite a cultural affair so be sure to slide on by can have an Onsen and a great meal there too.

Ski Shop in Nozawa Onsen Compass House - Yuta, Manami and Sumire chan

People often ask me where is a ski shop in Nozawa. We have 4 shops here in town. The most recent is Compass House photo above run by Yuta Ueno an X Games Champ and local gun skier and his wife Manami and equally good skier with their very cute baby Sumire and other staff Yuki. Has a great vibe and some good gear. For boarders the best is the Burton Shop called Dimension run by Takashi san also a cool set up. In Japan it is as much about the experience as the gear sometimes and both have a great feel with a decent range.

For the main stream gear Kanamori Sports is the longest standing in the centre of the Village. The resort also has a shop for bits and pieces under the Nagasaka Gondola. There are a number of other little ones around and a bigger one in Iiyama called S Cube. They get bigger the as the population grows and Nagano has a few good size stores. Then the Ski Shop mecca of Jimbocho in Tokyo is well worth a visit.
Happy shopping!

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