Purple Haze lifting over Nozawa

by Mark on March 6, 2012

Purple Haze over Nozawa by Sean McAuliffe Thanks Sean

Base up top: 355 cm           Temperature; 6 Degrees

Base at bottom; 240 cm

New Snow: 0 cm                  Weather; Sunshine

Glad that I waited a while to post the report after a bit of a wet and foggy start to the day the clouds have lifted and it is a stunning day.

One of the guys just flew down Skyline with a jump in his step to get his camera and head back up. He said was a bit slushy in places but a beautiful day on the slopes.

Yesterday was as we thought not the best of the season but the slopes were pretty empty so anyone that was keen got a private resort to play in.

The outlook is improving and I always know when there is snow on the way because my 70-year-old neighbour starts to shovel snow off his roof! Looks like we have a bit of sun over the next few days then snow marks kicking in from Thursday night thru to Sunday morning.

Final day of racing today on Kandaha and some pretty fast crew coming down so well worth a look!

Sign of things to come for Nozawa





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