Ohaiyou gouzaimasu from snowy Nozawa

by Mark on March 15, 2016

Base at top: 155cm

Temp at Top: -8 Degrees

Base at Uenotaira: 85cm

New Snow since close: 15 cm

Weather: Light snow throughout the day, Winds decreasing, fairly cold.


We’re all thrilled about this surprise snowfall here in Nozawa. Yesterday afternoon there was about 15cm of fresh that had accumulated, and with a some more overnight, we’re probably pushing towards that 30cm mark. The base was still somewhat icy up top; The lower down runs like Uenotaira and Paradise seemed to have the best coverage. Challenge and Utopia were also quite fun though if you aren’t a fan of moguls then it might not be your favourite.

Snow is still falling here in Nozawa and it looks as though it could continue all day. Temperatures are colder than yesterday and the wind is somewhat stronger, so dress warm today. The next few days up on the mountain should be beautiful; plenty of fresh snow and some sunshine on its way with warmer temps.

PW3A3484 PW3A3494

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