Nozawa Styling under all this Snow

by Mark on January 6, 2012

Villa Nozawa by night covered in 60cm of fresh snow

Base up top: 275 cm                  Temperature; -2 Degrees

Base at bottom; 190 cm

New Snow: 20 cm

Apologies for the late snow report, I was not up getting mind blowing powder runs unfortunately. Instead was taking advantage of the break in the snow to clear our roof, still thrilling waist deep powder but nowhere near as much fun! This is the second time this season have been up on the roof and we are not even 1 month into it! In a normal season I would maybe only need to do it once so shows how much snow we have had this year. Have to get a dump truck to get all the snow taken away. Imagine if we could deliver it to a beach somewhere on the planet and build a big kicker into the ocean, which would be cool!

The sun blessed us with its presence this morning and reports are showing we had a further 20cm of fresh since the lifts closed yesterday so along with the 60cm we recived up until then spells awesome conditions on the mountain. Have not seen anyone come back down yet so that is a good sign of contentment.

Yesterday was blizzard type conditions on the slopes at times with strong winds and snow falling sideways. Nozawa was feeling the full brunt of winter.

The outlook believe it or not is for more moderate snowfall tonight and should ease a bit into the weekend for some pretty nice conditions for the coming long weekend. Hope to see you up here enjoying it.

Nozawa Onsen was looking more like a small Alaskan Village yesterday with temps to match

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