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by Mark on January 19, 2011

Best Coffee in Nozawa Onsen a great way to start the day!

Another fairly clear day in Nozawa today has been good to be able to get a look around the mountain at the terrain and try and get on top of the shovelling

Was snowing lightly late last night and there was a thin dusting on the car this morning.
After the groomers had gone thru last night should make for some pretty nice conditions today.
Everyone was totally stoked as they came down the mountain yesterday with amazing snow and some sunshine for the taking

It is snowing lightly outside at the moment in the Village and the forecast is for that to continue with a sunny day on the cards for Friday
Next decent size dump is looking like Sunday Night at this stage but tomorrow should also give us a top up

Just a point of interest people often ask about the roads here in Nozawa. It is a bit of a maze of twists and turns and houses are very close to each other in the Village. With heavy snow this can lead to chaos getting about town. To alleviate this most of the roads in town are heated. Some by Onsen water or just the flow of cold water across the road, but most are by Kerosene from a central boiler.  Unfortunately not the most environmental choice but great to see the foresight.

If need any help with transport to, from or around Nozawa drop us a line or check out the getting here and away info at

Heated Roads in Nozawa Onsen make it easier to get around

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