Nozawa Onsen Ski Patrol

by Mark on February 3, 2011

The Sun Run to Skyline from Yamabiko Nozawa Japan

Another magnificent day here in Nozawa.

The sky does not get much bluer than today and looks great next to the surrounding white.

Temps are warming up and should be a terrific day on the Mountain.

Yesterday was beautiful up top with great visibility could see all the way to the Sea of Japan. Magic views of all the surrounding resorts too could see Shiga Kogen , Naeba and all the way to Joetsu.

Sunset was spectacular too

On the snow front just had a few people come down telling me there was still a few nice pockets of powder up top if you know where to look but was getting a little heavy down low.

The outlook is for plenty more Sun to  come and higher freezing point at about 1000m. It then should drop back down later next week.

Anyway for now enjoy the sublime conditions with over 300cm base up top. Don’t forget the sunglasses and sunscreen!

Today is Setsubun day so look out for the flying beans as people throw them out the front door and quickly close it. The meaning is to send the Devil out and bring the good luck in.

Ran into an old friend the other day on the slopes Kitamura san the head of Nozawa Onsen Ski Patrol. Taicho as he is known is a lovely guy and runs a tight ship. A bit stricter than the old patrol boss who retired a few years ago but still pretty easy going as long as you are doing the right thing! Great to have a good team taking care of you on the slopes of Nozawa.

Nozawa Onsen Ski Patrol Boss Kamimura san

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