Nozawa Onsen Ski Lifts in Motion

by Mark on February 1, 2011

Hachiman Lift Nozawa Onsen The Lone Rider

Yesterday on the mountain was nothing short of amazing.

The heavy snow stopped falling about Lunch time and the sun came out.

It was glorious!

With almost no one on the slopes it made for conditions as good as it gets.

Stories were abounding of waist deep powder runs, people getting buried and skis getting lost.

At the end of the day everyone was beaming and many saying the best day they had ever had!
This morning the snow continues and has been snowing light to moderately all morning.

Not heavy enough to collect a lot on ground and forecast to ease but wait and see.
The days ahead are looking like lots of sunshine and light winds so should be perfect.
Don’t forget the Jazz Festival coming up in Nozawa on February 12th

On for the Young and Old in Nozawa Onsen

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