Nozawa Onsen Night Life

by Mark on January 23, 2011

Geoff Booth going exploring Nozawa Japan

Apologies for the late report was a big night all round in Nozawa
Started snowing heavy at about 1am this morning and when I surfaced there was 30cm of fresh and very light snow gathered
This was once again a bit unexpected the forecasts were not predicting anywhere near that much.
We are starting to call it the Magic Nozawa Foot, 30cm being a Foot in the old scale and seems to be pretty consistent that we are waking up to a foot
One foot is not very exciting if you are a surfer but as a skier or boarder it is a blessing.
Temps are cold and people are leaving the town with the Sunday afternoon rush back home so some amazing conditions for anyone staying on
The great conditions and big smiles just keep on coming in Nozawa

Busy Night Oyu Dori Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen is not really known for its night life and if it is a party ski trip you are after probably better to go else where. But there are some really cool little bars and restaurants to have a quiet beer and reminisce on the turns of the day.

If want something a but livelier there are a few Karaoke Bars that you can let your hair down in and belt out a few tunes. After a few sakes everyone has a bit of Elvis in them!

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