Nozawa Onsen Jump into it

by Mark on January 20, 2011

Cheer Squad for the Ski Jumps Nozawa Onsen - pretty cool

It has been snowing off and on in the Village this morning but nothing heavy, and after the last few weeks it seems almost weird not to have a big dump… has been a few days now! ┬áSome people are already getting itchy for a bit of a fresh fix!
Still, terrific conditions to be had all over the resort with great quality snow under foot on the groomers and some secret powder stashes for the inquisitive.
Yesterday was good amounts of sunshine and a fun day on the slopes.
Tomorrow is looking like blue bird Friday to end the working week followed by light snow on Saturday then a good dump on Sunday night.
Crowd wise has quietened down in the Village and on the slopes with the Fire Festival done and dusted. Last night the Stay Bar was rocking though with a few talented musicians getting together for a serious jam session.

Villa Nozawa getting decorated

Our lovely neighbours the Ikedas from Mitsubachi Maya came over just before the Fire Festival to put up some traditional decorations for us

Made from Rice there are some beautiful colors.

It is called Mono Zukuri and people from this area make them in Mid January as it is known as the Second New Year from the old Japanese Calendar

Originally they were made from hand shaped Vegetables and Silk worm Cocoons a symbol that would hopefully ensure a plentiful harvest for the year ahead. Nagano was famous for Silk in the old days

The flatter ones are shaped like money in the hope that they will have a sucesfull business too. They are all made from Rice Powder so you can eat them today the 20th iof January which was known as the 3rd New Year. Ittadakimasu…

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