Nozawa Onsen First Tracks of the season

by Mark on December 7, 2011

Once again Singapore takes out first Tracks for the season on the sleds in Nozawa

Thought I better send some photographic evidence of all this snow I was talking about yesterday. Took the drive to half way up the mountain this morning and it quickly became a Winter wonderland as we wound our way up the road that leads to Yamabiko and Shiga Kogen eventually.

The snow started to get pretty deep around Paradise Slope so decided to stop the car there and get out for a play. Had some folks from Malaysia and Singapore in tow and for most was the first time to see snow. We do this most years before the lifts start and it is always a buzz to see the excitement on their faces and the thrill of the first slide.

There was probably a 25cm base there and nice and light snow. The forecast is for about the same again to fall around Thursday night so fingers crossed for the resort to open this Saturday. Bumped into the guys that make the decision at the local Yaki Niku Restaurant in town tonight and they seemed fairly confident but were not making any promises. See what the week brings, will keep you posted.

Paradise Slope Nozawa looking good

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