Nozawa keeping its cool

by Mark on February 29, 2012

The bright lights of Nozawa Onsen main street Oyu Dori. We even have an Apple Shop! Photos by Byron Hepburn. Thanks

Base up top: 395 cm                  Temperature; – 4 Degrees

Base at bottom; 280 cm

New Snow: 7 cm                           Weather; Snowing lightly

Snowing lightly outside my window this morning. A little on the wet side and not making much impact but should be showing some dividends up higher. Hear it is even snowing in Tokyo today!

Yesterday was the goods on the mountain with fresh snow and clear skies. It was cold too up top, got a bit of a facial headache cruising down to Uenotaira. Have had a few amazing days here with the consistent snow on Monday then the bluebird folks here got to see Nozawa at its best. The conditions were almost as good as anytime throughout the season.

Good news on the lost skier a 55-Year-old Japanese snowboarder. He walked out of the wilderness yesterday into one of the little villages well below Nozawa Onsen. Slightly shaken but in not bad condition after his two snowy nights in the Alps.

The rhythm is looking pretty good over the next few days in Nozawa with a snow then sun regime. Further ahead temps may get a little warm but is expected with tomorrow being the first day of March!

Hikage Slopes great place to learn how to turn and grab some fuel to keep you going!


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