Nozawa it’s a beautiful day…

by Mark on November 26, 2011

Getting Whiter up top Nozawa Onsen 26th November 2011

Glorious morning in Nozawa Onsen today, after a pretty wild one on the weather front yesterday. We had strong winds and sleet throughout the course of the afternoon.

The top of the mountain was shrouded in cloud most of the day so was hard to see what was going on up there. But this morning it is blue skies and the views are awesome with a decent coverage of white down to about half way. As the photos show the surrounding peaks got a good dose too.

Tempted to drive up and see if we can lay a few first tracks for the season! The forecast is for a few sunny days now which will be nice but probably not what we need. Then on Wednesday night temps are plummeting again to well below 0 degrees and some more snow predicted for December 1st.

The resort is keen to get the runs up top open on December 3rd for next weekend so hopefully that will be enough to get the planks out and get a few runs in. Will keep you posted.

Roads are getting icy in Nozawa Onsen, and we like it!

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