Nozawa in a Deep Purple Patch

by Mark on February 5, 2012

As if everyone was not having a good enough time on the slopes. We put on drinks at the Villa Nozawa Ice Bar for the happy sliders!

Base up top: 410 cm                  Temperature; -5 Degrees

Base at bottom; 310 cm

New Snow: 15cm

Snow at night and sun during the day that’s what we like to see! Has been a while since we had that pattern in Nozawa. Most of the time has been just snowing, which is not a bad thing at all.

Snowed overnight heavy at times but only averaged out to about 15cm of fresh. Should be a nice top up though and make for an awesome day on the slopes. No one has been back down yet to give me an update, which is always a good sign.

The weekenders from Tokyo should begin to roll out of tow n in the next few hours and will leave us with a quiet resort for the weekdays. Tomorrow should be sunny then have consistent falls forecast for the rest of the week. Where else would you want to be!

Good day today to clear the roof off the house, which has almost 2 meters of snow on it. Normally I clear it twice in a season on average. This will be the second time in just over a week!

Nozawa Cottage time to clear the roof but hard to throw the snow up over the road!

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