Now that’s more like the Nozawa we know. Who was out for first tracks?

by Mark on December 29, 2015

Base at top: 90 cm
Temp at Top; -9 Degrees
Base at Uenotaira 80 cm
New Snow since close: 35 cm
Weather; Snowy!
One great day followed by another great day. Yesterday was a beautiful bluebird day out on the slopes, with promising clouds starting to form as the lifts were closing. the clouds definitely delivered and we woke up to a big big dump of 35cm up top and an equally large dump in the village. We were all walking to the lifts in knee deep powder.

The snow is still falling heavily and there’s going to be a lot more for the rest of the day. Finally the day has come here at Nozawa Onsen. The rest of the week is looking nice with some smaller dumps for a couple of days into the New Year.

The fresh snow is still quite loose and visibility is limited so choose your tracks wisely and ride together. Have a blast out there!
Lifts planning to operate in Nozawa:
Nagasaka Gondola
– Hikage Gondola
– Skyline link lift
– Yamabiko Four lift
– Yamabiko Number 2 lift
– Paradise Four lift
– Uenotaira Four lift
– Yunomine Pair lift
– Mizunashi Triple lift
– Hikage Number 2 Pair B lift
– Nagasaka Triple lift
– Yu Road
Ski Courses that are open:

– Yamabiko A course
– Yamabiko B course
– Yamabiko C course
– Yamabiko D course
– Yamabiko E course
– Paradise
– Kokenashi
– Uenotaira
– Bunabayashi
– Mizunashi A
– Mizunashi B
– Yunomine A
– Yunomine B
– Hikage
– Nagasaka connection


Blue skies yesterday followed by a big dump today!

PW3A2774 PW3A2812

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