Nice day for Iiyama near Nozawa Onsen

by Mark on February 28, 2011

Foot Onsen Nozawa Onsen great place to watch the world go by

It is a pretty ordinary day today in Nozawa with overcast skies and light rain at village level.

Up high is thick fog and hard to tell but looks like sleet is falling up there.

Temperatures are set to drop from here so hope that the precipitation will turn into snow as the charts are suggesting.

Yesterday was in comparison a great sunny day on the slopes. With nice conditions up top but the bottom was getting slushy as the day went on. Scattered bits of powder were still up for grabs high for those in the know.

The outlook is still looking good with some consistent snow over the week and temps getting down to -12 degrees up top by Wednesday night.

So for today it might be a good day to hit an Onsen or relax with a good book or both in a foot Onsen. If feeling a bit adventurous could head down to Iiyama just 20 minutes away and check out the temples or new doll museum near the station. Iiyama also has some great culinary delights like the Kappa Sushi Train and the Hirano French Patisserie both well worth the bus ride from Nozawa.

Hirano Patisserie in Iiyama pretty amazing cake shop near Nozawa

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