Mother Nature unleashing on Nozawa today with 40cm plus dump

by Mark on February 18, 2012

Once again more than was expected 40cm of Fresh on February 18th with a huge 430cm base!

Base up top: 430 cm                  Temperature; -10 Degrees

Base at bottom; 305 cm

New Snow: 40 cm

Mother Nature has been getting busy in Nozawa overnight with a huge 40cm plus dump being delivered to the resort. Had a friend call me from Tokyo last night asking if they needed chains to come up and said always carry them but should be fine. Definitely needed them today.

Have had a few come down the mountain talking of amazing face shots and armpit deep in places! Was well over the knees in the car park this morning here!

The base has smashed thru the 4 meter mark and now sitting at a very respectable 430cm! Still falling heavy outside now, as heavy as have seen it all season.

Anyone coming up for the weekend will be well rewarded with the powder but the visibility will be pretty marginal up high on the slopes.

The snow show should continue today then tomorrow we have put in an order for some sunshine and a blue bird day is forecast. With all this snow it is going to be something special…

Knee deep in the drive way at Villa Nozawa this morning


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