Mid March, sunshine, fresh snow, no crowds and a 4 meter base in Nozawa

by Mark on March 16, 2012

With a 400cm base mid March we are in for a great Spring Season

Base up top: 390 cm        Temperature; 0 Degrees

Base at bottom; 240 cm

New Snow: 2 cm               Weather; Beautiful

Almost need to pinch ourselves at the moment with another perfect day in Nozawa. Sun is shining thru and with the snow we got yesterday we should be in for a great day on the slopes.

No wind and no crowds so the lucky few up there are going to be styling. Hope they have their sunglasses and sunscreen!

We are past mid March now and still have almost a 4-meter base up top and 2.5 Meter down the bottom. Still have great top to bottom skiing over the whole resort.

Looks like that warm spike is still coming for tomorrow and some rain on our party. Just one day then should drop down and more snow expected from Sunday night.

On the events calendar we have the Family Festival tomorrow night on Oyu Dori from 7-9pm with Free Sake and Soup, kids playing the flute and a ski history display.

Then make sure you check out the concert on Tuesday Night the 20th with a cool band from Okinawa a great traditional night at the Nakao Community Hall.

Ma Chan and the band come every year and it is a pretty special night.

A bit of March magic by Chris Vertullo

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