Madarao Resort a great day trip from Nozawa Onsen

by Mark on August 20, 2015

Views of Lake Nojiri from Tangaram next to Madarao resort. Magic...

Views of Lake Nojiri from Tangaram next to Madarao resort. Magic…

We have posted a few Summer activities going on in our neighbouring resort Madarao about time we put up a winter shot. Madarao is located just across the Chikuma river and you can see it from the upper slopes of Nozawa.

The resort was very popular with students mainly in the early 90s and used to be completely packed. Like many resorts in Japan it got quiet pretty quickly after the boom times. Aki san and the team over there have been working hard on putting it back on the map and it is becoming popular again. They have been concentrating on their powder game with 60% of courses ungroomed. There are some great tree runs and amazing views to be enjoyed.

It only has 440m vertical compared to 1085m at Nozawa Onsen so often people will only stay for a few days also not much of an apr├Ęs scene without the village atmosphere of Nozawa. So it makes for a great day trip from Nozawa Onsen and we have a bus running daily. Here is a link

It takes a bit over an hour and only costs 800 yen return trip. Need to book a day in advance so either ask your lodge to book or go to the ticket counter in Nozawa.

Tangaram is the resort next door that interconnects with Madarao and if going well worth spending the extra yen to get a dual ticket as makes it easier to access some of the tree runs. This photo was taken from there and has amazing views of Lake Nojiri.

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