Looking like we are in for a White Christmas in Nozawa Onsen

by Mark on December 23, 2012

Lots of families coming into Town to celebrate a White Christmas

Base up top: 160 cm        Temp Top;  – 5 Degrees

Base at bottom; 50 cm

New Snow since close: 20 cm

Weather; Sunny

It started to snow late last night just before going to bed but was a bit wet in town. Wiped about 10cm off the front of the truck this morning and the official report is 20cm up top!

Was a bit foggy early but that has blown off now to reveal a beautiful day on the slopes. We had the opening ceremony on yesterday and all the mascots and old ski styles were on display with a good turn out.

Looking like we are in for another good dump tonight and a bit of snow over the next few days then some sunshine later in the week. Should be a Merry Christmas in Nozawa!

Preparing for the next big dump in Nozawa

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