Lodge Nagano Reviews Thank you for coming to stay

by Mark on June 1, 2017

Lodge Nagano Reviews

The end to another amazing season in Nozwa Onsen the team

Hope you had a great stay from the team at Lodge Nagano

The Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort closed just 3 weeks ago on May 7th and saw the end of an epic season.
We just wanted to say a big Arigatou to everyone that came and stayed with us at Lodge Nagano last season. We hope you had a terrific stay whether it was your first stay or your fifth! We really appreciated everyone coming up and sharing the snowy experience and all the Nozawa has to offer.
Hope you enjoyed our updates at the Lodge this season including the new Bar, Kids room and guest rooms with own bathrooms.

Lodge Nagano Reviews

Luke and the Team at Lodge Nagano are passionate about food so you can be sure of a great breakfast

If you feel the urge would be great if you can give us a write up on Trip Advisor so others know of your great experiences here in Nozawa
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If you have any suggestions of what we can change or do better please also drop us an email to lodgenagano@gmx.net
This season marked the 11th season of operating the Lodge and welcoming guests from all around the world to our little village of Nozawa Onsen and it has been a fantastic ride, we have met lots of terrific people and all ridden some amazing powder over the years together.

Thanks so much for visiting and we look forward to welcoming you again next season!
Luke, Mariko, Bonnie, Max, Alex, Sae, Tully, Mark and all the Team at Lodge Nagano

Another Epic Season in Nozawa with lots of snow and beautiful days

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