Last minute preparations… The snow is on its way!

by Mark on December 13, 2015

As we’re reaching mid-December, the forecasts are starting to look more and more promising for the next few days. The team is working hard and final preparations are coming together for the season.

Yesterday turned into a beautiful bluebird day, and fortunately our guests were able to catch some runs over at Ryuoo Park, a nearby resort. The perfect weather and the weekend meant for a large crowd over there, but everyone was stoked to be able to hit the slopes. Another bunch took mountain bikes out for a spin, challenging themselves to a 10km climb before riding through snow with flakes flying off the tires. They described it as fantastic. It’s good to know the guests are still enjoying the company of other guests, the atmosphere, and the culture that Nozawa Onsen provides.

Unfortunately the conditions at this time of year can be a bit hit and miss, however there’s only a few more days until we start seeing some snow. There are some good dumps forecast for Wednesday which means we should be able to get the lifts turning. Time to start waxing those skis and boards!

Blythe, one of our guests flying in Ryuoo Park13 Dec - Blythe f

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