Just another day Living the Dream in Nozawa

by Mark on March 14, 2012

Has been a while since could get on the roof to take a photo with all the snow but today was worth the wait. View from Villa Nozawa Mid March 2012

Base up top: 390 cm        Temperature; -11 Degrees

Base at bottom; 245 cm

New Snow: 0 cm               Weather; Beautiful

Another gorgeous start to the day here in Nozawa. Not a cloud in the sky and wind also pretty non-existent. Cold temps up top to start the day at -11 degrees but it will warm up pretty quickly with all this glorious sunshine.

Yesterday was an unbelievable day on the Mountain with a foot of fresh, sunshine in the morning and more snow falling throughout the day. There were fresh tracks for the taking all day.

There are a bunch of guys here for a month, the whole month of March and they are feeling pretty comfortable with their decision now with the great conditions of the last few days they are truly ‘living the dream!’

Looking ahead we should get some more snow tonight and into tomorrow. Then Friday should be relatively clear again followed by a spike in temps with the southerly change.

That may bring some rain down low but still quite a bit of snow for up top on the radar over the next week.

Don’t forget White day today, which is kind of like Valentines day but for the girls. Free Chocolate fondue on the slopes at Hikage, oishii!

Mid March powder session by Sean McAuliffe

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