It’s been dumping overnight in Nozawa!

by Mark on February 10, 2016

Base at top: 190 cm
Temp at Top: -11 Degrees
Base at Uenotaira: 155 cm
New Snow since close: 40 cm
Weather: Light snow falling — foggy and windy

The skies turned in our favour yesterday afternoon and we were hit with heavy snowfall. Just what we’ve been waiting for! The winds have been strong, blowing snow in all directions, though on the ground we’ve got a good 40cm of fresh so today is definitely a powder day! Clouds and fog are still prevalent so visibility is going to be fairly poor today. We wouldn’t advise venturing into unknown territory. Prevailing North Westerly winds will be easing off late in the evening, taking the clouds with them to leave us with a clear, cold night and a beautiful bluebird day tomorrow.

We’re happy to see that the expected rain that was forecast for the weekend has been downgraded. Hopefully it continues in this direction. Unfortunately, temperatures are still expected to rise into the mid single digits, though this won’t be for long with colder temperatures and lots of snow to come at the start of the new week.

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