Foggy Spring Morning

by Mark on March 7, 2013

Base up top: 360cm        Temp Top; -1 Degrees

Base at bottom: 180cm

New Snow since close: 0cm

Waking this morning in Nozawa Onsen we have been greeted with some hazy fog. The sun is already piercing through so it is unlikely for this to last and we expect a clear bluebird day later. No new snowfalls are expected in the next 24 hours.

Today should almost be a carbon copy of yesterday. We will see spring conditions that will be fairly firm during the early morning, before becoming slushy. There will be very light weekday crowds along with light winds.

Yesterday was a classic spring day. Very warm turned the snow into fun and forgiving slush by lunchtime. Up top even became somewhat slushy. The only complaint regarding snow quality was sticky areas on the lower slopes. Otherwise the riding was very good for such a warm day.

The forecast looks complicated at this point in time with some huge variation in weather and freezing level over a short space of time. Tomorrow we expect some light rain which will turn to snow later that night. It will be a cold morning Saturday before a dramatic warming period occurs. The freezing level is expected to climb 2000 meters in only a couple of hours. Following this warm peak another cool front is expected delivering snow Sunday and Monday.

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